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Rare first Serigraph Francois Morellet, 1961

This serigraph wasFrancois Morellet's first silkscreen (No 3 of 3 variations).

"Quand j'etait petit je ne fasait pas grand" - Francois Morellet

A typical pun by the artist. His early pieces were not as big as his later works. This small silkscreen was executed by his friend and fellow artist Almir Mavignier in an edition of 150, but only very few survived.

"It is my motto not to choose"

For Morellet an artwork had to be clear and understandable. He avoided arbitrary, artisic intuition, which even Mondrian used to bring balance to a composition. Morellet played with preset rules and let the artwork "unfold" itself without his own interference. His work is radical and uncompromising.

In 1961 silkscreen was not considered to be an appropriate medium for fine art. Andy Warhol started using for the first time in that very same year as Mavignier and Morellet did. In that sense this work is also a pioneering start of something that became quite big. 



4 doubles trames: 0, 22,5, 45, 67,5 degrees

Edition: Studio F, Ulm

Signed in pencil and numbered: nr 81 of 150 pieces

Framed behind museum glass

Good archived condition with a light dent in the lower part. (see pictures)

Provenance available on request

  • Designer

    Francois Morellet
  • Manufacturer

    Almir Mavignier
  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

    Black ink on paper
  • Dimensions

    68 x 48 cm
  • Condition

    very good
  • Price

    Sold: Zurich, Switzerland

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