Stringa desk lamp, Hans Ansems, produced in own studio 1980

In the 1970's the once so flourishing Dutch design culture almost vanished. Many producers stopped their businesses and the ones that remained didn't see much added value in hiring industrial designers. So Hans Ansems produced a small number of the Stringa himself. The design was very well received in the Salon de Lumiere in Paris and lighting company Luxo took it into production. 

This Stringa was produced by Ansems himself, which is a rarity. I really like the playfulness of the circular parts you can twist in all directions. It holds an halugenic bulb

  • Designer

    Hans Ansems
  • Manufacturer

    Hans Ansems
  • Year of design

  • Country

    The Netherlands
  • Materials

    Grey Lacquered metal
  • Dimensions

  • Condition

    Very good
  • Price


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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