Untitled, Floor Van Keulen 1974

Since the mid 1970's Floor van Keulen has been the most prominent representative of the "wild painters" (de wilde schilderkunst) in the Netherlands.

Ger van Elk once said to Floor van Keulen: "Jij bent bewust onbewust bewust" / "You are consciously subconsciously conscious". And indeed, van Keulen doesn't paint with a rational idea, or a preconceived plan. His brush moves at high speed as unknown shapes appear on the surface. Strong and clear, but undetermined. Shapes that leave us in a lack of words to describe them. Rationality is useless as fantasies and ideas light up like strange forms in the darkness. Activating each other. Bouncing back and forth and overflowing in a stream of thoughts,  

To me this early painting from 1974 shows the subconscious itself, like a portrait from the inside. It makes us consciously subconsciously conscious... ( If you can figure that riddle out ). 

Signed and dated on the back

Professionally framed





  • Designer

    Floor van Keulen
  • Manufacturer

    Floor van Keulen
  • Year of design

  • Country

    The Netherlands
  • Materials

    Guache on paper
  • Dimensions

    113 x 113 cm
  • Condition

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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