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Wellenstruktur, computer art serigraph, Gerhard von Graevenitz 1974

Gerhard von Graevenitz (1934-1983)

Wellenstruktur, 1974

Serigraph: black and silver ink on thick paper

Signed, numbered and dated on the back

Edition: 250 

Excellent archived condition

Von Graevenitz was an important respresentative of kinetic art, op art, and computer art. Chance and order had been his subject since the 1950's when he was part of the Zero group.

In the sixties von Graevenitz would use dice to determine the outcome of his work, to avoid subjective, artistic decisions. In this serigraph a computer was used in a similar way. A straight, uniform grid was deformed. The corner points displaced by a chance factor, generated by the computer. For example two places up, three down. Resulting in an unpredictable, but evenly spread, pattern of curved lines, printed in silver on black.

The fact that the work was multiplied as a serigraph had the political intention of making art democratic. The image too was made with this idea in mind. The artist is not the one who decides the outcome, like a dictator would. All points are non-hierarchical, expressing individual freedom, within equal limitations. Last, the eye of the viewer is not directed to a single focal point. He/she is free to see new patterns each time.

This large serigraph hard to find. It is in an excellent archived condition. No color fading and no dents. 


  • Designer

    Gerhard von Graevenitz
  • Manufacturer

    Gerhard von Graevenitz
  • Year of design

  • Country

    The Netherlands
  • Materials

    Black and silver ink on thick paper
  • Dimensions

    79 x 60,2 cm
  • Condition

  • Price


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