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Bauhaus lamp, Carl Jacob Jucker, Imago DP

This icon of modernist lighting is often called Bauhaus lamp, but in fact there are several versions of it. This was the first one that was ever produced outside the bauhaus. 
It finds its origin in 1923 when Carl Jucker and Wilhelm Wagenfeld were both still students at the Bauhaus. It was in a time when the electrical network had not been completely laid out to reach all households. Jucker and Wagenfeld were encouraged by their teachers Moholy Nagy and Christian Dell to create a desk lamp that could be produced on a large industrial scale. It is generally thought that Jucker was responsible for the glass base and the transparent cylinder and that Wagenfeld designed the shade. The design was experimental in every way. Several different prototypes were made and some were made in small numbers at the Bauhaus workshop. It wasn’t until 1967 that Carl Jucker finally found a company that would produce it. That company was Imago PD Italy. They don’t exist anymore. This 1967 version by Jucker is different from the Bauhaus remakes that are now produced by Tecnolumen. The chromed elements of this lamp are even more simple and the wire is indeed completely exposed. This is a rarely offered vintage one. It is in a very nice condition with only some light user marks on the base. On the inside it is signed Jucker 1923 and on the other side Imago PD

  • Designer

    Carl Jacob Jucker
  • Manufacturer

    Imago DP
  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

    Glass, plexiglass, chromed metal
  • Dimensions

    H 47, Diam: 22 cm
  • Condition

    Very good
  • Price


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