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Rare ceramic light sculpture, 1960's

First we thought it was a geometric, constructivist sculpture. But then we found out it has a switch and you can turn it on. Does that banalise the object? We don't think so. We have never seen a sculpture or lamp like this. We'll call it a light sculpture. 

The rectangle is as wide as the circle and as high as three half circles. Clear and systematic. Typical for the concete art of the sixties and seventies. Half of the circle is concave, the other is convex, which causes contrasting shadows and reflections that challenge our visual senses; it is an effect that is closely related to the Op Art movement. Switch it on and the contrast between the upper and lower half of the circle becomes very different.

It is handmade ceramic with imperfections that came along with the production process. It brings to mind the philosophical thought that perfect geometric forms only exist as an abstract idea. In the material world no circle, square or triangle is without imperfections. 

The artist is not known to us. It is signed on the bottom with BK, or KB. Once scratched in and once with a marker. It is atleast very rare and possible a one-off piece.The condition is excellent.

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