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Geometric glassware Arno, Joe Colombo for Italora (attr.) 1960's

What you see in art history, you also see in design, especially after both World Wars: a need to unite. To create things beyond the makers' subjective ego. Geometry can't be invented nor designed. It belongs to all of us equally. It was meaningful for that reason.

This tableware from the sixties has repeatedly been attributed to Joe Colombo, but I found no proof of it. It has a systematic build up of squares and circles. If you like that: go for it! You can follow the logic while eating breakfast. This is quite a large set of 36 pieces for 8 people. Its attributed name is "Arno" produced by Italora and fabricated by Fidenza Vetraria.

There are 8 breakfast/lunch plates, 8 tea/coffee cups, 8 saucers, 8 egg holders, two small bowls, a sugarpot and a milkcan.

 The set is in a very good condition. The milkcan has a tiny chip

  • Designer

    Joe Colombo (attributed)
  • Manufacturer

  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

  • Dimensions

  • Condition

    Very good
  • Price

    Sold: France

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