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Very rare poster for Neue Tendenz 2, Gerhard von Graevenitz 1964

Neue Tendenz 2 / Nouvelle Tendance 2 / Nove Tendencije 2
Design and art: Gerhard von Graevenitz 1964
For the exhibition at the Stadtisches Museum Leverkusen.
84x59 cm
Perfect archived condition.

Nouvelle Tendance was an avant-garde art movement which wanted to distanciate itself from the artist as a mythical creator. Rather than making art by using subjective intuition, they would use rational systems and organised chance, often in non-hierarchical patterns. Provoking the spectators involvement. And letting exterior factors such as light, reflections and wind play with their work. 

The artwork on the poster was made with a binary chance system. Although it was made by hand, it counts as a pioneering work of computer art.

The exhibition was also shown in the Louvre in Paris. There it was visited by Curator W.C. Seitz, who answered with the exhibition “The Responsive Eye” in the MoMa New York, where the term "Op Art" was used for the first time.


  • Designer

    Gerhard von Graevenitz
  • Manufacturer

    Stadtisches Museum Leverkusen
  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

  • Dimensions

    84 xx 59 cm
  • Condition

  • Price

    SOLD, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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