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Aldo van den Nieuwelaar, Cirkellamp TC 6, 1968

A circle and a square in perfect dimensions. Model TC 6, designed in 1968 by Aldo van den Nieuwelaar is nothing more and nothing less than that. Van den Nieuwelaar was not a man of compromises. His designs are closely related to the concrete art movement. I grew up with his works and this is one of my favourite lamps of all time.

In 2010, just before his tragic death the model was reintroduced, this time with a dimmer button van den Nieuwelaar designed himself. It makes it possible to change the amount of light gradually. Which is a welcome addition that was technologically not possible in 1968. Only about one hundred of these were produced. It is hard to find.

This one is still in absolute mint condition.

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    Aldo van den Nieuwelaar
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