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Counterbalance Lamp JJM Hoogervorst Anvia 1960s

Anvia advertised this lamp as "not fashionable". And indeed it is a timeless design which exceeds any temporary trend. Still, the construction is unique and impressive. The height ca be adjusted by altering the position of the counterweight. The whole lamp can swivel 360 degrees and the shade can be set in any diretion. This is still one of the most versatile lamps around and one of my personal favourites. It remains in a very good condition with only some superficial damage of the original paint.

  • Designer

    J.J.M. Hoogervorst
  • Manufacturer

    Anvia Almelo
  • Year of design

  • Country

    The Netherlands
  • Materials

  • Dimensions

  • Condition

  • Price

    Sold, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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