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Early modernist sconce 1930's

A very charming lamp from the early days of modernism. In the 1920's the Netherlands was one of the first countries to create a nationwide network of electricity. Electric lighting became accessible for everyone, but the bulbs at that time produced a very sharp light. There were shades of opaline glass on the market, but they dimmed the light too much. It provoced a discussion about the function of lamps. Modernists like Gispen argued that lamps should not be artistic; their function was the most important part of the design. And any creative elements were reduced to basic geometric forms.


This charming little lamp has a shade of crystal glass with a thin layer of opaline glass. Very innovative at the time. It diffused the light, while letting enough of it through, and thus avoiding blindness. You can simply twist the glass to get direct light when you need it. The round parts on the sides are the screws that hold it together. The lamp holder is made out of nickel. It is in a perfect condition and completely original

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  • Manufacturer

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  • Materials

    Nickel, opaline glass
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    Sold: Germany

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