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Fluorescent Bauhaus ceiling lamp, 1930's

An early modernist lamp that is completely functional; no unnescessary decorative elements. Yet as no-nonsense as it may be, it's sleek appearance is extremely  graceful and elegant. It is perfect for a workspace, or an entrance hall. This is a rare lamp with a lot of character. The design has been attributed to Bauhaus teacher Christian Dell.

As the fluorescent bulb was invented in 1935, this was one of the first lamps to hold it. We found a few original fluoresent bulbs, which are thicker than the later ones. (the thinner ones fit in it too). We will add two spare, new old stock original bulbs. Each of them will last for many years.

Only the part on the ceiling has some dents and damage to the chrome, showing its age of almost 80 plus years. The lamp itself is in an excellent condition.


(The tubular rocking chaise longue in the picture will be available too)


  • Designer

    Christian Dell (attributed)
  • Manufacturer

  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

    Chromed metal
  • Dimensions

    H: 85, L: 140 cm
  • Condition

    very good
  • Price

    Sold: Geneve Switzerland

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