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2 Dry chairs, Massimo Morozzi, Giorgetti 1987

A post modern chair like a puzzle with 32 individual pieces, each with a different color. They are held together with only a single screw in the middle. An ingenious construction. The shape of the chair deliberately archetypical, so one can only see it as a statement; a protest against the "form follows function" dogma that had been dominating design history since the Bauhaus. This is a call for joy and creativity in design.

It's like the chair is saying: "Hey I can be all this while I am still just a normal chair".

It was designed by architect Massimo Morozzi in 1987. Morozzi was one of the founding members of Archizoom Associati and a pioneer in postfunctionalism and radical design. 

These are two vintage originals. Each chair has been handcrafted. Both have superficial usermarks. One very little, the other has a scratched seat. Both are sturdy and the construction is still perfect. The price is for the set, if you wish to buy only one we can discuss it.

  • Designer

    Massimo Morozzi
  • Manufacturer

  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

    Solid beechwood
  • Dimensions

  • Condition

    Good / excellent
  • Price


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