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4 Maria chairs, Mauro Pasquinelli 1972

This a set you don't find often. Well made and very comfortable to give your house a unique look. The seats are reupholstered with black canvas.

Mauro Pasquinelli was a designer who was trained as a carpenter by his father at a young age. To place the legs of a chair in a cross position like that, diagonal under the seat, is a bold constructive approach which results in a problem at the backrest. Pasquinelli elegantly solved it with a sophisticated joint in which several angles come together, creating solidity, comfort and style, all at once. The "flared" legs clearly show the spirit of the seventies. (They look a bit like flared pants)



  • Designer

    Mauro Pasquinelli
  • Manufacturer

  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

    Solid oak, canvas seat
  • Dimensions

  • Condition

  • Price

    Sold: Paris, France

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