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Amsterdam School armchair, J.J. Zijfers ca 1928

In the early 20th century factory workers in Amsterdam lived in miserable poverty. Often whole families lived cramped in the cellars of the old centre. The "Amsterdam School” movement wanted to elevate their existence by surrounding them with art.  Inspired by the arts and crafts movement, the Amsterdam School believed art should be reintegrated into life through functional objects for every man. Surrounded by things that were made with a certain dignity, they would feel and behave more dignified themselves. Unlike the Brittish arts and crafts, the Amsterdam School was often inspired by the culture of their colony, which is now Indonesia.

This is a rare chair with remarkable details. It can also be found in the collection of the Rijks Museum Amsterdam. It has a small restoration on the right front leg.

  • Designer

    Jac. Zijfers
  • Manufacturer

    J.J. Zijfers & Co
  • Year of design

    ca 1928
  • Country

    The Netherlands
  • Materials

  • Dimensions

    H:93, W:45, D:48, Seat H:46 cm
  • Condition

  • Price

    Sold: China

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