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Minimal 020 chair, Bruno Ninaber, Artifort 1977

Two planks of bent plywood joined in a single joint, fixed by a round wooden rod. Just like in minimal art nothing is hidden in the construction. It can be taken apart in to only three individual elements. A conceptual chair of which only 150 pieces were produced.

Please note that the chair was meant as a statement. One can sit on it, but it cannot support too much pressure. That is why many of the 150 chairs are damaged. This one is intact. It has a stroke on the botto where the wood has become lighter. It has some small, well done repairs on the bottom of the inside (out of sight).



  • Designer

    Bruno Ninaber van Eyben
  • Manufacturer

  • Year of design

  • Country

    The Netherlands
  • Materials

    Beech plywood
  • Dimensions

    H: 81, W: 40, D: 50, Seat: 53 cm
  • Condition

    Very good
  • Price

    Sold: China

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