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Antique Thonet revolving armchair number 1

A rare and historic revolving armchair number 1, respl. 5501, designed by Michael Thonet around 1865. This one has the stamp that was used after 1881. It is an antique 19th century chair. The cost effective construction of separate parts of bent beech wood, as well as the machinelike screw that lets the chair swivel and allows it to be adjusted in height  is an early beginning of modernist, industrially produced furniture and machine age design. 

Allthough it was produced efficiently for its time, quite some work was required to create it. The seat was woven in the old way; by hand and all the way through the seat. The wicker is still in a good condition. Only at the top of the backrest it has some broken parts. Because the wicker is still sturdy we left it that way. It's hardly visible and it will last for quite some time as it is. But if you prefer it to be replaced we can have it restored for you. The chair is an old lady that is still in a very good shape for her age, but should be handled with some care

  • Designer

    Gebrüder Thonet
  • Manufacturer

    Gebrüder Thonet
  • Year of design

  • Country

  • Materials

    Beech wood, wicker, metal
  • Dimensions

  • Condition

    Very good for its age
  • Price


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