Rare remake of a Bauhaus folding chair prototype by Paul Reindl 1929

This a very rare remake from the 1980's of a chair with a unique folding mechanism, which was developped as a prototype by Bauhaus student Paul Reindl in the workshop of the Bauhaus in 1929.

This chair was shown in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in 1982 for the exhibition "Klap, vouw, stapel: een ontwerpprobleem" / "Folding and stacking: a design challenge". During the exhibition a small number of chairs were on sale in the gallery of the famous jewellery maker Hans Appenzeller. This is one of these chairs. It was poduced in a small workshop in Venice.

The pictures show the folding process, but it is more interesting to do this in reality. It folds like no other chair. Creating furniture that would be adjustable to the needs of the user stands at the heart of the machine age thinking of the Bauhaus. This chair is in a very good condition with only some superficial scratches in the lacquer.

  • Designer

    Paul Reindl
  • Manufacturer

    Metal workshop in Venice, Italy
  • Year of design

    ca 1930
  • Country

  • Materials

    Wood, chromed metal
  • Dimensions

  • Condition

    Very good
  • Price


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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